OAD Extended 2021: Plans, Sponsorships, Patronages



In April 2021 OAD Extended 2021 was started, which constitutes the 13th consecutive year of online surveys for the intentional cyber attacks on companies and public bodies in Italy, and with the fundamental collaboration of the Italian Postal and Communications Police.



 OAD Extended 2021 will carry out the investigation on cyber attacks detected throughout 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021 by companies and public entities operating with IT systems, or parts thereof, on the Italian territory.



The main innovations of OAD Extended 2021 compared to the previous editions


 The innovative edition of the OAD survey, called OAD Extended, intends to significantly expand the number of both respondents to the anonymous online questionnaire and the readers of the final report, for all the various product sectors in Italy, as well as for Public Administrations.

The elements that most characterize the new edition of OAD to be "extented" include:

  • a strong expansion of the pool of respondents (and then of the readers of the final report) in the various product sectors, as well as in the Central and Local Public Administrations, thanks to collaboration agreements and free patronage with the various Associations  of the different sectors;
  • a more incisive involvement of the various media, in addition to Reportec, to make the OAD Extended initiative and its results better known and disseminated;
  • the online availability of  two different OAD questionnaires, one simpler and faster to fill out, one more detailed, among which the respondent can choose based on his knowledge of the computer system, and of its cyber security.  In both cases, upon completion of the questionnaire, the respondent obtains in real time, and always anonymously, a qualitative macro assessment of the cyber security level of the IT system for which they responded, with indications of the digital security measures that are lacking. and / or are inadequate:
  • towards the patronage Associations, the realization of sectoral analyzes on cyber attacks, for those product sectors for which a sufficient number of respondents is obtained for the analysis, in order to be representative and meaningful. In addition, a cooperation with the patronage Associations in order to realize webinars for in-depth analysis and discussions on the rilevated cyber attacks for those sectors.



The work plan for OAD Extended 2021


The key minestones of the whole plan are:

  • July 2021: online activation of 2021 OAD Extended questionnaires on the web survey platform
  • Middle-End October 2021: close questionnaires on line
  • End November 2021: publication of the complete OAD Extended 2021 Report.




Sponsorship proposal and request for free patronage


The sponsorship proposal and the request for free patronage, with several details on the OAD Extended 2021 initiative, are only in Italian and  can be downloaded from the attachments  of web page https://www.oadweb.it/it/oad-extended-2021.html.


For any clarification and further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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