OAD 2020 Initiative

Malabo srl, in cooperation with AIPSI and with Reportec Srl, has launched the 2020 OAD initiative which will carry out the online survey of digital attacks on companies and public adminsitrations in Italy and which will produce the annual 2020 OAD Report hopefully within December 2020.

OAD 2020 costitusice the 12th consecutive year of online survies on digital attacks in Italy and will have the usual and basic collaboration with the Postal and Communications Police, whose data will constitute a specific chapter of the final report.



OAD 2020 will survey the attacks detected during the entire 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 by companies and public administrations operating with IT systems, or parts thereof, on Italian territory.



The current plan for the OAD 2020 survey



  • End of APRIL: launch of OAD 2020
  • MAY 2020
    • 2020 OAD Questionnaire preparation
    • implementation of web tools for the collection of responses to the questionnaire
    • acquisition of sponsorships and patronages
    • invitation for the Questionnaire's compilation to all potential respondents (CIO, CISO, CTO, CEO of small organizations, etc.)
    • The acquisition of sponsorships and patronages continues
    • Questionnaire compilation phase
    • Questionnaire compilation phase continues
    • Implementation of web tools to download the 2020 Report 
    • Publication of articles  reffering to the OAD 2020
    • Presentation of a preview of the results of the OAD survey in some conferences and workshops
  • DECEMBER 2020
    • Analysis and processing of the collected data
    • Publication of the Report 2020 OAD
    • Press release
    • Promotional campaign to download the Report 2020 OAD
  • 1st Quarter 2021
    • Promotional campaign to download the Report 2020 OAD
    • Webinars' implementation fort the  Gold and Platinum Sponsors (see §7.2 and §7.3 of the Sponsorship Proposal)
    • Publication of articles for Platinum Sponsors (see §7.3 of the Sponsorship Proposal)
    • Presentation of main results of the OAD survey in events and conferences
    • Periodic provision to Sponsors of the list of those who downloaded the Report




OAD 2020 Sponsor Gold










OAD 2020 Sponsor Silver



The proposal for sponsorship (only in Italian) can be downloaded by clicking on the Download icon below



pdf.pngProposta Sponsorship OAD 2020HOT Download


OAD 2020 Patronages















The proposal for the patronages (only in Italian) can be downloaded by clicking on the Download icon below






 Anyone interested in the English version of sponsorships' and patronages' proposals is kindly requested to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



OAD 2020 is an initiative of






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