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The OAD (Osservatorio Attacchi Digitali in Italia) initiative,  the Observatory on Cyber Attacks in  Italy, is the continuation of the previous OAI  (see the hystory of the Observatory clicking here), started in 2008 by Marco R. A. Bozzetti with his Malabo Srl Company and the close collaboration of AIPSI (Italian Chapter of ISSA), ClubTI of Milan and Soiel International as a Media Partner and Publisher.

The name and logo were changed in 2016, with the publication of the relevant 2016 OAD Report and with the collaboration of NextValue Srl, a well-known market research company. Unfortunately, with the sudden death of Alfredo Gatti, owner and CEO of Nextvalue,  in 2017 OAD had to change this Media Partner and Publisher with Reportec.

OAD: what  is

OAD is a web survey to which the various interlocutors respond freely: the Annual Report has no strict statistical validity but provides clear and valid indications on the situation and on the trend in Italy, basic for an effective ICT risk analysis.


OAD main objectives 

  • To provide information on the real situation of cyber attacks in Italy
  • To contribute to the creation of a cyber security culture in Italy
  • To raise awareness of the top management of companies / institutions on IT security

OAD: what it does ...

  • Annual surveys conducted through an on-line questionnaire which mainly respond to CIO, CISO, CSO, specialists and managers of digital security (also from providers), owners / CEOs for small businesses, each product sector, including Central and Local Public Administrations
  • This specific website as a reference point for the OAD initiatives and historical repository (OAD, OAI, OCI)
  • OAD Group on Linked and presence on Facebook

... and how

  • Absolute independence from the Suppliers, and also from the Sponsors
  • Strict anonymity for respondents to the questionnaires
  • Collaboration with numerous associations (sponsors) to widen the pool of respondents and readers

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