Why OAD, Osservatorio Attacchi Digitali in Italia

The main objective of the OAD iniatiative is to produce annual reports on intentional digital attacks to the informatics systems of companies and public administrations in Italy . These reports provide real and concrete indications on attacks on ICT systems that may be of national reference, authoritative and independent, for ICT security in Italy and for the analysis of ICT risks.

OAD is carried out through a questionnaire that can be completed online using a browser in a completely anonimous way.

The availability of an independent, authoritative and annually updated survey on digital attacks constitutes an indispensable basis for contextualising the analysis of digital risks, analysis required by an increasing number of certifications and regulations, the latest of which is the new European regulation on privacy, GDPR, which must be implemented by every company and public body by 25 May 2018.

The availability of "local" data on detected attacks, on the type and extent of the phenomenon is also essential for small organizations to assess the possible risks and activate the most appropriate prevention and protection measures.

The OAD questionnaire is mainly addressed to the respossables of Information Systems and Information Security of any sector and dimension. The potential respondents are contacted via e-mail thanks to the organizers' databases (AIPSI, Malabo and Reportec) and to those of the patrocinators: more than 5,000 people are contacted.

OAD also plays an increasing role in Italy in the "awareness-raising action" on the digital security for the personnel at all levels, from the top executives to the final users. This is particularly important for creating a more widespread culture in the field of digital security, which goes beyond the technical-ICT world and also affects the top management and all those who decide on the security business requirements and on the related budgets.


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