OAD 2023 Survay

OAD 2023 Survay

The OAD 2023 initiative kicked off in January 2023, and with this edition it reaches the 16th consecutive year of online investigations into intentional digital attacks on public and private companies n Italy.

OAD, Observatory of Digital Attacks in Italy, is the only initiative in Italy for the analysis of intentional attacks on the iIT systems of Italian companies and public bodies, carried out with an anonymous survey addressed to all companies, of every product sector and size , and to Public Administrations through an online questionnaire with pre-set answers that can be filled in with a modern browser.


The main innovations of OAD 2023

 To facilitate and speed up the compilation of the strictly anonymous OAD 2023 online questionnaire, the  2023 survey:

  • will focus only on the attacks suffered in 2022 on websites and web environments, and will contain only two questions on the other types of attacks detected in 2022 on the respondents' Informatic Systems to obtain general trend data on attacks (what is attacked and with which techniques ) from 2007 to 2022;
  • questions about the security measures in place will be mandatory only for hosting and cloud providers; all the other respondents will be able, if they want, to fill in this part, but it will not be mandatory for them. Completing the part on existing security measures will also automatically provide a qualitative macro assessment of the security level that emerges from the answers provided.
    • The questionnaire' part on suffered attacks is mandatory for all respondents: for those who have not detected attacks, the related questions are automatically skipped by the online  system.
    • They are also mandatory the questions concerning the type of company/institution, the most feared future attacks, and the role of the questionnaire compiler.

As a gift and thanks for those who complete the online questionnaire, it will be possible to download the following two issues of the authoritative and interesting ISSA Journal, reserved for AIPSI Members, for free:

  • ISSA Journal January 2023
  • ISSA Journal March 2022, with an article by AIPSI on the gender gap in Italy on digital security professions.


Patronages and Sponsorships

Attached is the sponsorship proposal and the request for free sponsorship for non-profit associations and entities, but only in Italian language.


The OAD 2023 online questionnaire

The online questionnaire, strictly anonymous and simplified as indicated in the previous paragraph, is currently being prepared and will be available online by the end of January 2023-beginning of February 2023.

As soon as it is available, AIPSI will start the campaign to have it filled in using its various channels, from this website to newsletters and social networks.


For more information

Please contact the creator and coordinator of OAD: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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